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Kingston URC

While the day of Pentecost was running its course they were all together in one place, when suddenly there came from the sky a noise like that of a strong driving wind, which filled the whole house where they were sitting.  And there appeared to them tongues like flames of fire, dispersed among them and sitting on each one.  And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk in other tongues, as the spirit gave them powers of utterance.  Acts 2 vv1-4.

Recorded material - 2017

Our web site contains material recorded in Kingston United Reformed Church.  It is available for podcast under the terms of our licence from the Performing Rights Society, which is renewed annually in August.

You may listen to an audio stream or, if you wish, you may download the entire audio file.  Recorded material from previous years may be accessed from the pages found here.

10.00 service - 18h June 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett The kingdom of heaven has come near
11.00 service - 11th June 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Street Pastors in Kingston
10.00 service - 4th June 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton The Spirit at work
10.00 service - 28th May 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Phil Crump
10.00 service - 21st May 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett Giving an account of the hope within us
11.00 service - 14th May 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 7th May 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 30th April 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 23rd April_2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett
11.00 service - 16th April 2017_Easter2 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Easter Sunday
09.00 service - 16th April 2017_Easter1 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Easter Sunday
11.00 service - 9th April 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Palm Sunday
10.00 service - 2nd April 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 26th March 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 5th March 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton The How as much as the What
10.00 service - 26th February 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 19th February 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 5th February 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Robert Blows Salt and Light
10.00 service - 29th January 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton How to listen to a sermon
10.00 service - 22nd January 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 15th January 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Come and see
11.00 service - 8th January 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Combined service
10.00 service - 1st January 2017 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett