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Kingston upon Thames

For all that, even among those in authority a number believed in him, but would not acknowledge him on account of the Pharisees.  For they valued their reputation with men rather than the honour which comes from God.   John 13 vv 42-43.

Recorded material - 2019

Our web site contains material recorded in Kingston United Reformed Church.  It is available for podcast under the terms of our licence from the Performing Rights Society, which is renewed annually in August.

You may listen to an audio stream or, if you wish, you may download the entire audio file.  Recorded material from previous years may be accessed from the pages found here.

10.30 service - 11th August 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Members of KURC Where is your treasure?
10.00 service - 4th August 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Sukin Lee
10.00 service - 28th July 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Christine Thompson
Ken Bartlett
The faith of God in us
Memorial Service - 23rd July 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
Roy Lowes
Thanksgving for the life of Margaret Randall
10.00 service - 21st July 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Invisible made visible
10.30 service - 14th July 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Being thankful
10.00 service - 7th July 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Goodness in God
10.00 service - 30th June 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Freedom/Licence
10.00 service - 23rd June 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Clothed in Christ
10.00 service - Trinity Sunday 16th June 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton The important and mysterious Trinity
10.30 service - Pentecost
(Recording incomplete)
[Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Excitement
10.00 service - 2nd June 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 26th May 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 19th May 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.30 service - 12th May 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 5th May 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 28th April 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Elders and members
11.00 service - Easter (second service) [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
09.00 service - Easter (first service) [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
12.00 service - 2019_GoodFriday_KURC [Listen] [Download]
  Ministers KURC, All Saints, Kingston Methodist The last words from the cross
10.30 service - 14th April 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Palm Sunday
10.00 service - 7th April 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Extravagance
10.00 service - 31st March 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  David Ross Two brothers
10.00 service - 24th March 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 17th March 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett The temptations of Christ
10.30 service - 10th March 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 3rd March 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Listen to Him
10.00 service - 24th February 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton He that would do good must do it in minute particulars
10.00 service - 17th Febraury 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  The KURC Team
10.30 service - 10th February 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Baptism of Anna Frances Mason
10.00 service - 3rd February 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Love is...
10.00 service - 27th January 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett
10.00 service - 20th January 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 13th January 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 6th January 2019 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton