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Kingston upon Thames

Be on the alert, praying at all times for strength to pass safely through all these imminent troubles and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man.  Luke 21 v36.

Recorded material - 2020

Our web site contains material recorded in Kingston United Reformed Church.  It is available for podcast under the terms of our licence from the Performing Rights Society, which is renewed annually in August.

You may listen to an audio stream or, if you wish, you may download the entire audio file.  Recorded material from previous years may be accessed from the pages found here.

Service for 31st May 2020 [View]
  Lesley Charlton Pentecost - love must flow
Service for 24th May 2020 [View]
  Lesley Charlton Who, or what, do we glorify?
Service for 17th May 2020 [View] [Sermon]
  Lesley Charlton How do we love?
Service for 10th May 2020 [View] [Service]
  Dr Rowan WIlliams Christian Aid Week
Service for 3rd May 2020 [View] [Text]
  Lesley Charlton The Good Shepherd
Service for 26th April 2020 [View] [Text]
  Lesley Charlton Seeing walking and eating
Service for 19th April 2020 [View]
  Lesley Charlton
Services for Holy Week 2020 [View]
  Lesley Charlton Holy Week and Easter 2020
Sermon for 29th March 2020 [View] [Text]
  Lesley Charlton Suffering - an absent God?
Sermon for 22nd March 2020 [View] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Healing the blind man
10.00 service - 15th March 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Living water
10.30 service - 8th march 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Risk
10.00 service - 1st March 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Temptation - not the what, but the how
10.00 service - 23rd February 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Ann Macfarlane In his own image
10.00 service - 16th February 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Christine Thompson
Ken Bartlett
Speaking truth to power:
Church action on poverty
10.30 service - 9th February 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton (Paul's first letter to the church at Corinth)
10.00 service - 2nd February 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Where does wisdom come from?
10.00 service - 26th January 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Christine Thompson
Ken Bartlett
Christian hope is as wide as the love of God
10.00 service - 19th January 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Church - noun or verb?
10.30 service - 12th January 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 5th January 2020 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton